Saturday, August 1, 2015

Little Dee (c/o 2015)

Little Dee
Class of 2015


Shoe Size: 5.5
Favorite Types of Shoes: Flip Flops
Ticklish Feet?: Only on occassion
Favorite Foot Fetish Activities: Foot Worship & Foot Massages
Other Fetish Activities Known For: Stockings


Clips Store:

Twitter: @NYGoddessDee
Instagram: @NYCGoddessDee

Wu's Feet Links Interviews: 2002 Fan Interview





"I've been infatuated by Little Dee ever since I first saw her on Foot Cuties, Shoe Kittens, and Feet Fair. She's beautiful from head to toe, professional, and knows how to connect with her viewers. I had the honor and pleasure of seeing this first hand when I had the opportunity to shoot with her. She truly enjoys what she does, and it shows. She's a polished diamond that shines and sparkles."

- Bondo, Pose Your Toes

"A.K.A. Goddess Dee, because she is nothing short of it. Goddess Dee has been on many sites and is just the total package! She's stunning, driven, and her feet are outstanding. She's still doing her thing on Instagram and is looking great, as always."

- ThoseToes, Footsie Tootsies

"Occasionally you come across someone who has it all: looks, personality, and perfect feet. Little Dee has it all. She is the personification of cute all wrapped up in one little bundle - and those feet of hers are to die for. Perfectly proportioned and always immaculate, her toes, soles, and arches are always blemish free. How does she do it? I have no idea. I'm just glad she does."

- Lord Lucan, International Celebrity Feet

"Never had the chance to work with this fun loving, super cute, blonde. I was always in awe of her work done with the likes of Adam of Feet Fair and Bondo from Pose Your Toes. I always counted her as one of those people I'd love to shoot, if I had the chance. Always heard good things about her."

- Patrick, Soles of Silk

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