Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Britney Sweetstink (c/o 2002)

Britney Sweetstink
Class of 2002


Shoe Size: 8.5 - 9
Favorite Types of Shoes: Whatever makes her feet smelly
Ticklish Feet?: Very Ticklish
Favorite Foot Fetish Activities: Pantyhose & Forced Foot Smelling
Other Fetish Activities Known For: Footjobs, Tickling, Handjobs, Tease & Denial & Moderate FemDom 


Sites: BritneySweetstink.com (defunct)

Wu's Feet Links Interviews: 2002 Fan Interview
Wu's Feet Links Feature Model Galleries: Football & Bare Feet







"I always enjoyed conversing with Britney Sweetstink - both through email and via instant messenger. Yeah, our friendship went back to that time period when I was still running my free sites and then creating Soles of Silk. Britney was someone who was always there to chat with and share some of my little kinks with. We always got along and like a few others in the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame, she was always eager to share some photo contributions with me and here on Wu's Feet Links. I wish I had gotten a chance to work with her myself. I can only imagine how fun those shoots would have been."

- Patrick, Soles of Silk

"Photographs of Britney and those big, awesome feet always caught my attention, no matter what! Just the way she would make eye contact with the camera and had that attitude that kept you coming back... A very pretty lady and her feet looked fun."

- ThoseToes, Footsie Tootsies

"Who amongst us, here at Wu's and most other foot forums, is unfamiliar with the name, Britney Sweetstink? Her photographs and videos are surely etched into the minds of thousands of foot lovers worldwide. Her exquisite feet and cute, but demanding nature was the best of both worlds. Her personality was one that won every one of her fans over."

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