Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bellecita (c/o 2015)

Bellecita (a.k.a. Anita)
Class of 2015


Shoe Size: 8 - 8.5
Favorite Types of Shoes: Thong Sandals
Ticklish Feet?: No
Favorite Foot Fetish Activities: Spreading Toes & Having Feet Licked
Other Fetish Activities Known For: Dirty Soles, Footjobs, Trampling, & Stockings


Site: (defunct)

Wu's Feet Links Interview: 2003 Fan Interview
Wu's Feet Links Feature Model Gallery: Beautiful Feet



"From the time I began doing foot fetish photography and placing it online, Bellecita was one of my biggest inspirations. I adored this woman. When I began to get to know her through emails, I respected her even more. She was your every day person, just like I was, who enjoyed the fetish and sharing it with everyone. She never hesitated to send me contributions for my older free sites and then with Soles of Silk. My biggest dream was to be able to meet with and shoot her myself. I miss Bellecita and all of her kindness. I only hope she'll be one of those people who will eventually make a comeback."

- Patrick, Webmaster & Photograper Soles of Silk

"Oh wow. I remember seeing Bellecita's photos and was just simply blown away from the sexiness she oozed. She knew how to pose for the camera. She really brought the heat, but in a sexy, playful type of way. An exotically, beautiful woman with insane soles."

- ThoseToes, Webmaster & Photographer Footsie Tooties

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