Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wu (c/o 2015)

Class of 2015


Founded Wu's Feet Links: 1997-98


Forum: Wu's Foot Forum

Interviews: Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog*
Columns: Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog*

* Launched after his passing to keep his vision & community ongoing


"Without this man, this site, and many others probably wouldn't have had the success they've had. Soles of Silk is in a better place because of Wu and Wu's Feet Links. His involvement with getting to know me, my site, and even some of my models over the years, gave me one of the best online friends I could have imagined. Sadly, I never got to meet him in person and he only lived about an hour away from me. Because of all Wu did for me, it is why I have tried my best to continue as much of the tradition Wu's Feet Links has become known for moving forward after his passing. He was a pioneer, but did so in such a quiet manner. His quiet nature still, however, was a voice many of us needed to be where we are today. This man has been missed and it only seemed right that he enter the same Hall of Fame he created back in 2000."

- Patrick, Soles of Silk

"Hats off to Wu. I'm literally speechless as I'm writing this and a bit choked up. To a man I have never met, my respect is at its highest. He created a place where foot lovers from all over the glove can come, hang, and feel comfortable about what we enjoy when others may find it abnormal. If possible, I'd be honored to erect a monument in his name."

- FootLongSubZero, Wu's Feet Links Forum Member

"Even though he isn't here physically anymore, I will always hold him in high regard. I've always considered Wu's to be the center of the foot fetish universe. He established and maintained a great playground and community for us. Strong and silent, his legend lives on."

- Bondo, Pose Your Toes

"Coming to this site changed my life. There weren't many people here in the beginning, but this place made me realize that I'm not the only person that likes feet. In jubilation of knowing there are more people that think like me, along those lines, I decided to start a site too - to get the foot fetish moving. Thanks to the people who keep his legacy going."

- ThoseToes, Footsie Tootsies

"A quiet achiever. I only ever spoke with Wu on a handful of occasions over the years of my involvement on his forum. He was always a kind and gracious man - never wanting to take his rightful place in the spotlight. He rather preferred to watch the action from the sideline. Wu created a place for us foot lovers, from all four corners of the globe to gather, share and discuss, meet, and most importantly, to be ourselves. The impact he had on the lives of many was immense, because for many of us, Wu's was the first port of call in discovering that we weren't the only one who liked feet. He'll never know how many lives he changed, but changed lives he did. How many of us can say that about ourselves?"

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